Was Were y Did Ejercicios con respuestas

ejercicios did were was

Entender las diferencias entre el uso palabras “was, were y did” es muy importante, ya que indican que eres capaz de usar de forma correcta el pasado simple en inglés. A continuación, se presentan unos ejercicios para practicar su uso.



1) Selecciona la opción correcta.


a) My friends (wasweredid ) right.

b) Lucy and I ( wasweredid ) working on the project.

c) What ( wasweredid ) going on?

d) What ( wasweredid ) you do?

e) My friend ( wasweredid ) very upset.

f) My cat ( wasweredid ) a mess in the kitchen.

g) The weather ( wasweredid ) very nice yesterday.

h) My sister and her husband ( wasweredid ) very happy at the party.


¿Dudas? Explicación ⇗


2) Escribe las siguientes oraciones en pasado


a) Do you travel by plane? – Yes, I do.
Did you travel by plane? – Yes, I did


b) I am studying for the test. - So are they.


c) What are you doing? - I am writing a report.


d) I love that movie. - I do too.


e) Where are you? - We are at the park.


f) Who are your friends? - They are Hannah and Frank.


g) Are the documents in the drawer? - No, they are not.


h) I am so bored. - So are we.



3) La opción correcta


a) I _______ going to make sandwiches.


b) They _______ walking up the stairs.


c) You _______ not at school yesterday.


d) We _______ having so much fun at the party.


e) Where _______ you live before you came here?


f) She _______ cooking delicious food.


g) He _______ not in a bad mood today.


h) When _______ you born?


i) What _______ your first day in the United States like?


j) _______ you cleaning your room this morning?


l) _______ your mom at home last night?


m) Yes, they _______ asking for directions.


n) No, she wasn't at the store.


o) When _______ you first come to this neighborhood?


p) _______ you go to the mall today?


q) How old _______ you when you met your girlfriend?



4) Traduce las siguientes oraciones al inglés.


a) Tú no siempre tenías la razón.


b) ¿Qué hicieron ellos?


c) Esa computadora tiene 20 años.


d) Tenía tanta sed.


e) ¿Disfrutaste la fiesta?


f) ¿La computadora estaba funcionando bien?


g) Lo que ella hizo estuvo mal.


h) Mis estudiantes eran extraordinarios.



5) Empareja la pregunta con la respuesta. Coloca el número de la pregunta correspondiente a la respuesta.


1) How was your class today? ??? I was fifteen years old.
2) Did your father call? ??? My brother and his girlfriend were with me.
3) How old were you then? ??? Paula did.
4) Was the movie fun? ??? No, he didn’t.
5) Who was with you that day? ??? They were in the park with me.
6) Where were the kids? ??? It was fun.
7) Who brought the papers? ??? Of course, I did.
8) Did you understand? ??? No, it was boring.



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