Either Neither Both Ejercicios

practica Either Neither Both

Utilizamos las palabras both, neither y either cuando necesitamos hacer referencia a conjuntos de dos de personas, situaciones, objetos etc., y de las diferentes combinaciones que se pueden dar entre ellas: ambos, ninguno, o cualquiera.



1) Selecciona la palabra correcta.


a) I watched the Avengers and I watched Wonder woman. I love eitherneitherboth of them.

b) Lucy doesn’t like beer, and you don’t like it eitherneitherboth.

c) Peter and Joe failed the math test because eitherneitherboth of them brought a calculator.

d) What do you prefer ice cream or cake? EitherNeitherBoth of them will be fine.

e) Cats and dogs, I love them eitherneitherboth.

f) The kids didn’t want eitherneitherboth fish nor soup.

g) I was very disappointed at the concert, eitherneitherboth of the bands played well.

h) She speaks eitherneitherboth English and French.



2) Traduce de Español a Inglés.

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3) Empareja la pregunta con la respuesta. Coloca el número de la pregunta correspondiente a la respuesta.


1- Do you prefer pasta or salad? ???? Neither. They are both ugly.
2- Should I take bus 1 or 2 to main street? ???? Neither do I. I prefer wine.
3- Which jacket do you prefer? ???? I like both, but I prefer cake.
4- Does Peter or Joe live in Tulsa? ???? She is either at school or home.
5- I don’t like whisky. ???? I’d like either of them.
6- Where is Mary? ???? I have neither.
7- Would you like cake or a muffin? ???? Both of them live there.
8- Do you have a car or a motorcycle? ???? Either bus go there.



4) Transforma la estructura de las siguientes oraciones usando Neither por Either o Either por Neither.

Ejemplo: I don’t like either rock or pop. I like neither rock nor pop.

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