Personal Pronouns Ejercicios

Personal Pronouns

Por definición son palabras que reemplazan nombres o sustantivos, cuando estos reemplazan al sujeto o sujetos en una oración, se habla de pronombres personales. Pueden tomar diversas formas dependiendo del número (singular o plural). Es importante tener en cuenta que pueden referirse a objetos, animales o personas.


1) Empareja la pregunta con la respuesta. Coloca el número de la pregunta correspondiente a la respuesta en la columna.


1 Where is Mandy?  ??? It was great.
2 Have you seen the dog?  ??? We are going to a party.
3 How old is your father?  ??? Sorry, I did.
4 How was the movie?  ??? He is 64 years old.
5 Who are those kids?  ??? It is playing with Mandy in the garden.
6 Where are we going tonight?  ??? Because you did it.
7 Who ate my sandwich?  ??? They are Marcus and Billy.
8 Why do you say it was me?  ??? She is in the garden.


2) Ordena las siguientes oraciones.


  • a/ it/ PS4/ is/ .
    It is a PS4.


a) bedroom/ he/ is/ his/ in/ .


b) the/ we/ are/ ceremony/ invited/ to/ .


c) the/ I/ first/ arrive/ to/ was/ .


d) they/ park/ are/ in/ playing/ the/ .


e) grade/ she/ third/ studies/ .


f) Mexico/ from/ he/ is/ .


g) the/ you/ restaurant/ were/ at/ .



3) Reemplaza el sujeto por el pronombre personal correspondiente.

( It – You – I – They – He – We )


a) needs medication. (Andrew)


b) have a beautiful daughter. (James and Jennifer)


c) should never forget who helped us.


d) is not functioning well. (The computer)


e) are in a relationship. (Linda and I)


f) wish you could understand me.


g) are flying south for winter. (Birds)


h) must be able to keep yourself from getting sick.



4) Contesta a las siguientes preguntas usando la respuesta corta.


  • Are you a member of the club? (+)
    Yes, I am.


a) Is your dog a German shepherd? (-)


b) Do your parents like classical music? (-)


c) Was Tina in the party? (+)


d) Did your friends pass the test? (-)


e) Is your car silver? (+)


f) Is your father a doctor? (-)


g) Were the man and you talking? (+)



Ahora, practica mine, yours, ours, his, hers, its y theirs ⇗


Terminan aquí los ejercicios de pronombres personales. Muchas gracias por su visita.