Pronombres Indefinidos

‘Indefinit pronouns’ son los que se refieren a uno o más objetos, seres o lugares no especificados. Se llaman indefinidos porque no indican el objeto exacto, el ser o el lugar al que se refieren.



1) Selecciona el pronombre indefinido más apropiado.


a) I have looked everythingeverybodyeverywhere for my keys.

b) There is nothing anythingeverything to eat. Go buy something.

c) There is somewherenowhereanywhere as beautiful and romantic as Paris

d) Is there anybodysomebodynobody that can help me?

e) I like to buy anythingnothingeverything from this store. It’s gorgeous.

f) Would you like to go anywheresomewherenowhere this weekend?

g) If there is somethingnothingeverything I can do for you, call me.

h) I don’t know everybodynobodyanybody in this city.



2) Complete usando somebody, something, nobody, nothing, anybody, o anything.

a)  is at the door asking for you.


b) I can’t find  to wear.


c)  is damaging my car.


d) There is  I wouldn’t do for my children.


e)  told me about the job, that’s a shame.


f)  can help me except myself.


g) Is there  that I can do for you?


h) I need  who can work in the afternoons.




3) Transforma la oración al modo indefinido cambiando el sustantivo por un pronombre indefinido.

Ejemplo: I could eat a sandwich. → I could eat something.

a) There is a dog in my bed.


b) He introduced me to John.


c) She bought me a gift.


d) The employees won’t work tomorrow.


e) Is Carlos there?


f) We would like go to the beach this weekend.


g) I don’t want to drink coffee.


h) She would never disappoint Kevin.




4) Traduzca al español.

a) I really need someone to fix some things in my house.


b) He believes that nothing is impossible.


c) Few achieve their goals without sacrifice.


d) None arrived on time.


e) Debbie told nobody about your secret.


f) Everybody knows how important is to have someone you can trust.


g) I didn’t see anything abnormal that day.


h) Someone will come to clean the mess.




Ahora, practica these, those, this y that ◄◄



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