Some Any ejercicios

Las palabras Some y Any se usan cuando el hablante no puede, necesita o desea especificar un número o una cantidad exacta ya sea sobre objetos contables o incontables.


1- Completa las siguientes oraciones usando some o any.


a) I don’t need ??????? help.
b) ??????? people think they deserve everything.
c) Do you have ??????? advice to share?
d) Would you like ??????? coffee?
e) They didn’t receive ??????? instructions, so it’s not their fault.
f) Is there ??????? other question?
g) Could you give me ??????? help?
h) They presented ??????? new issues to discuss.


2- Contesta las preguntas de manera afirmativa y negativa. Como en el modelo.


– Does she have any problem?

  • Yes, she has some. / No, she doesn’t have any.

a) Do you have any questions?

b) Are there any children in the classroom?

c) Would you like some cake?

d) Does Annie have any money?

e) Is there any food in the house?

f) Can you see any taxi?

g) Did you find any medicine?

h) Does he have any ideas?



3- Pasa de afirmativo a negativo.

a) I have some relevant news.

b) My assistant found some good products.

c) We have been discussing some interesting articles.

d) There are some new threats.

e) I watched some great movies this week-end.

f) The store has some beautiful t-shirts.

g) The hotel offers some special rates.

h) Maya told some funny jokes.



4- Completa usando anything / something / anybody / somebody

a) What do you want for dinner? , I don’t mind.

b) Does  want to go the beach?

c) I am hungry. I need  to eat.

d) Can  help me?

e) We don’t know  about them.

f) There is  for you in the living-room, maybe a gift.

g) I don’t have  important to say.

h) There is  I know in the party, he is in my science class.



Ahora, practica have, take, give, make y do en inglés ◄◄


Terminan aquí los ejercicios con some y any. Muchas gracias por su visita.