Ejercicios Have, Take, Give, Make y Do

ingles ejercicios Have Take Give Make Do

Los verbos delexical o ligeros, son aquellos que adaptan su significado o traducción al sustantivo que funciona como complemento u objeto.

Entre ellos se encuentran: have, take, give, make y do los cuales tienen un significado particular y otro cuando son acompañados por unos sustantivos específicos.

Una vez estudiados cuáles son estos, te invitamos a practicarlos por medio de los siguientes ejercicios:


practica inglés


1) Selecciona la palabra correcta


a) Diabetes can domake real harm to the body.

b) Why do you always domake such a mess when you cook?

c) She hadgave a big scream when the lights went out.

d) You should maketake a risk and apply for the job.

e) I haddid the long rest that I needed.

f) She didmade a terrible mistake.

g) The man was sit doingmaking a painting.

h) She gavedid me a warning but I ignored it.


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2) Transforma las siguientes oraciones usando los verbos delexicals o ligeros


a) Sebastian drank a lot.

Sebastian had a lot of drinks.


b) I just showered.


c) Dr. Evans presented an important speech.


d) She will rest for a week.


e) They chatted nicely.


f) She should say sorry to you.


g) I forgot I need to call somebody.


h) They lunch at school.


3) Complete usando have, take, give, make o do


a) I have to some chores if I want my parents to let me go to the party.


b) They a nasty argument last week.


c) He us a big smile when we arrived.


d) The air conditioner is a strange sound.


e) She a lot of community work on her spare time.


f) It is obvious that she is pronunciation exercises has improve your fluency.


g) My last boss me the most important advice of my life.


h) We ________ a great meal and then ________ a long walk.


4) Contesta las siguientes preguntas usando las claves aportadas


a) What do you want for breakfast? (pancakes and coffee)

I’ll have pancakes and coffee.


b) What did he do in the party? (photographs)


c) What did he do to the man? (he/ a punch)


d) What's the meeting for? (we must/ arrangements for the convention)


e) How was this semester? (I / very well)


f) Why do you and Frank don’t talk to each other? (we / disagreement)


g) Have you decided yet? (I must/ a decision)


h) What will you do tomorrow? (I / a lecture at the university)


Terminan aquí los ejercicios con have, take, give, make y do. Muchas gracias por su visita.


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