However, Whatever, Whichever, Whenever, Wherever y Whoever ejercicios


1- Completa usando

However, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever o whoever.


a) Call me ??????? you need something.

b) I need to talk to ??????? is in charge.

c) She is willing to go ??????? the job requires.

d) You can make it ??????? you like, as long as it works.

e) I will buy ??????? you want from this store.

f) You are welcome in this organization, ??????? your religion or ideology.

g) Speaking English is useful ??????? you go.

h) ??????? said that is a liar.



2- Transforma las oraciones incorporado

however, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever o whoever.


a) I would like to drink anything you can offer me.

I would to drink whatever you can offer me.

b) Every time my neighbors have a party, we have to call the police.

c) Anyone who emptied the coffee jar, please fill it again.

d) He says he comes from Gibsonton, I don’t know where that is.

e) Both cakes are delicious; so take any of them you want.

f) No matter how much I practice, I don’t understand math.

g) Each time I meet my brother I give him money.

h) It doesn’t matter how much he exercises, he doesn’t lose weight.



3- Convierte las siguientes preguntas usando

However, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever o whoever.


a) Where are you going?

Wherever are you going?

b) What has just happened?

c) Who is making that noise?

d) When does the meeting start?

e) How do you manage to work and study?

f) Which book will you buy?

g) Where did you spend the holidays?

h) What do you mean?



4- Traduzca al español

a) Whatever you do, don’t forget your goals.

b) Whenever I take a vacation, something awful happens at the office.

c) My dog follows me wherever I go.

d) There are four hotels in town; whichever you stain in will be close to the convention center.

e) However hard I try, I can’t find a job.

f) Whenever are you going to stop whining?

g) The meeting was a disaster, however you look at it.

h) Whatever I do, my boss always finds a flaw, he hates me.



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