Ejercicios They’re – Their – There

ejercicios They are Their There


1) Select the correct answer from the parenthesis


a. I always remember (they’re / their / there) children.
b. They lost (they’re / their / there) fortune in the war.
c. (They’re / Their / There) are many students in the classroom.
d. Janette and Pierre are flying to Belgium. (They’re / Their / There) in the airport.
e. (They’re / Their / There) waiting for you in the lobby.
f. (They’re / Their / There) garden is magnificent.
g. You don’t know what’s (they’re / their / there).
h. I love dogs. (They’re / their / there) funny and loyal.



2) Complete using: they’re / their / there

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3) Mark the correct answer

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4) Write “Right” or “Wrong” depending on whether “they’re, there or their” are used correctly

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