They’re – Their – There en Inglés 4 Ejercicios

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1) Select the correct answer from the parenthesis


a) I always remember (they’re / their / there) children.

b) They lost (they’re / their / there) fortune in the war.

c) (They’re / Their / There) are many students in the classroom.

d) Janette and Pierre are flying to Belgium. (They’re / Their / There) in the airport.

e) (They’re / Their / There) waiting for you in the lobby.

f) (They’re / Their / There) garden is magnificent.

g) You don’t know what’s (they’re / their / there).

h) I love dogs. (They’re / their / there) funny and loyal.


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2) Complete using: they’re / their / there


a) Lucy and Joe study here. my friends.


b) I was in the classroom, I’m sure I left my keys .


c) so funny.


d) Will and Ann invited me for the week-end. I love house.


e) are two books in my bag pack.


f) I took groceries by mistake.


g) Nariko and Akiko arrived today. from Japan.


h) I forgot names.


3) Mark the correct answer


a) Where is the car?


b) Who is making so much noise?


c) Do you like the place? No, I don’t like it ______.


d) Whose books are those?


e) How are they?


f) What is that?


g) Who are these people?


h) What happens?


4) Write “Right” or “Wrong” depending on whether “they’re, there or their” are used correctly


a) I was invited to visit there beach house.

Wrong – I was invited to visit their beach house.


b) They’re practicing math exercises for the test.


c) I like that dress over their.


d) I always forget their surname.


e) Haven’t you met your wife there?


f) There at the hospital.


g) Dogs are the best because there always happy when they see you.


h) Their car was destroyed at the accident.


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