Interrogative Pronouns Inglés 4 Ejercicios

ingles ejercicios interrogative pronouns

Usamos para hacer preguntas y representa lo que no sabemos, es decir, sobre lo que estamos haciendo la pregunta. Ellos son cinco: What, which, whose, who y whom.


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1) Elige el Pronombre Interrogativo Adecuado

What – Which – Whose – Who – Whom

a) ?????? are you looking for? My wallet.

b) ?????? shoes are those? Maria’s.

c) ?????? of these two do you like best? The first one.

d) To ?????? are these flowers? To my mom.

e) ?????? is helping you? The teacher.

f) To ?????? are referring? To Mr. Jackson.

g) I wonder ?????? birthday is today? Mine!

h) ?????? hasn’t already eaten? Nobody.


2) Escribe la pregunta que corresponda a la Respuesta


a) Hillary is calling.

Who is calling?


b) It belongs to me.


c) That is a sphynx cat.


d) This design belongs to Valentino.


e) I will take the red one, I don’t like the blue.


f) I am looking for Peter.


g) I will have a coffee, please.


h) My car is the one on the left.


3) Ordena las Siguientes Oraciones Interrogativas


a) whom – she – With – ? – married – is

With whom is she married?


b) say – he – ? - What – did


c) fault - ? is – whose – it


d) do – prefer - ? – which – flavor – you


e) ? – logging - is - Facebook – what – your


f) did - ? – the – who – cake – birthday


g) those – kids - ? – whose – are


h) middle - ? – is – what – name – your


4) Contesta las siguientes preguntas de acuerdo al Ejemplo


Who is he? 

I don’t know who he is.


a) To whom do I have to deliver this?


b) What was that?


c) Which country has more people?


d) Whose glasses are on the table?


e) Who is that man?


f) With whom will she go?


g) What did she do?


h) Whose book did you take?


Terminan aquí los ejercicios con interrogative pronouns. Muchas gracias por su visita.


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