Also / too / as well Ejercicios

pratica ingles too also as well

Las palabras also y too y la expresión as well tienen un significado similar pero no siempre se usan igual, por lo cual puede generar confusión en su uso. Por eso, te recomendamos los siguientes ejercicios de manera que mejores tu expresión oral y escrita.


1) Selecciona la opción más adecuada


1. He, _______, was hoping to enter in that university.


2. I am _______ living in a rented house right now.


3. Stephanie can speak Italian _______.


4. ______, try not to get into trouble.


5. I would really like to go _______.


6. I really hate getting late. – Me ______.


7. Some of those activities were banned _______.


8. They have _______ been invited.


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2) Escribe oraciones de acuerdo al modelo.


I was at the concert, he was at the concert (too)

He was at the concert too.


a) She was upset, I was upset (also)


b) My teacher speaks Italian, my teacher speaks German (as well)


c) I have and invitation, you have an invitation (too)


d) You must remember to turn off the computer. You must remember to close the door (also).


e) My name is Christopher, known as Chris (also)


f) She bought the dress. She bought the shoes (as well)


g) You were angry. I was angry (too)


h) You must respect your elders. You must respect our rules (also)



3) Reescribe las siguientes oraciones usando: Not only but…


a) He speaks English and French. (also)

Not only does he speak English but also French (but he also speaks French).


b) It was raining the day of the wedding and the band was awful. (as well)


c) She says bad things about me and she owes me money. (too)


d) When planning a party, you must consider the type and the number of invitees. (also)


e) Some men have changed history and ideologies. (too)


f) In this course, you will learn English and you will practice it. (as well)


g) He arrived late and he forgot the tickets. (too)


h) Vitamins and proteins are important for small children. (also)



4) Traduce al español.


a) The place was too crowded and uncomfortable as well.

El lugar estaba demasiado concurrido e incómodo también.


b) What I saw not only disheartened me but made me angry too.


c) I too agree that more discussion is needed before taking action.


d) I would have also loved to be there to see you perform.


e) A.K.A stands for Also Known As.


f) I don’t think we should buy this house. It is old. Also, it needs a lot of repairs.


g) I was so scared when I heard the explosion. – Yeah, me too.


h) Did you feel the earthquake too?


Espero que estos ejercicios te sirvan para aclarar dudas y mejorar tu expresión en inglés. Nos vemos en la próxima lección.


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