Ejercicios Adjetivos terminados en ING o ED

ingles ejercicios Adjetivos terminados en ING o ED

Los adjetivos formados a partir de un verbo + el sufijo ED o ING pueden fácilmente causar confusión ya que parten de una misma raíz; sin embargo, tienen diferentes significados aunque en ocasiones se traduzcan igual.

Por tal razón, es importante que los practiques para evitar errores cuando te expreses en inglés. A continuación te dejamos ejercicios para que pongas a prueba tus conocimientos.


practica inglés


1) Selecciona el adjetivo correcto para completar la oración


a) The way he explained me your address is very confusedconfusing. So, I got lost.

b) We are very excitedexciting about your upcoming wedding.

c) The way you handled the problem made me feel very pleasedpleasing.

d) The movie left a very depresseddepressing message.

e) Your story is really fascinatedfascinating.

f) The constant shouts of the children on the plane are annoyedannoying.

g) The audience gave a standing ovation. She looked overwhelmedoverwhelming.

h) She has a little charmedcharming store.


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2) Coloque las palabras en el orden correcto


a) you / looks / perplexed, / think / she / don’t / ?

She looks perplexed, don’t you think?


b) clients' / the / is / our / not / satisfying / product / needs /.


c) the/ thrilled / children / are / circus / going / to / the / about /.


d) by / we / have / of / been / interested / research / the / results / the /.


e) me / you / embarrassing / are /.


f) were / his / confusing / answers /.


g) disappointed / you / have / me /.


h) what / just / a / experience / we / had / frightening /.


3) Completa las siguientes oraciones agregando ING o ED al verbo entre paréntesis


a) Your lack of interest made me feel so . (frustrate)


b) They were (frighten) when they get down of the roller-coaster ride.


c) The movie was (disappoint).


d) I was gladly (surprise) to see you at the party.


e) What an awful moment. I felt so . (humiliate)


f) The park is (amaze), thank you for inviting me.


g) Participating in this the contest has been a very (fulfill) experience.


h) His strange behavior is somehow (disturbe).


4) Re-escribe las oraciones convirtiendo el verbo en adjetivo


The teacher discourages me.
He/She is a discouraging teacher.


It looks like his words comforted her.
She looks comforted because of his words.


a) It seems like the news worried her.


b) The food satisfies me.


c) Your girlfriend bores me.


d) The show amuses me.


e) You look like the explanation confused you.


f) Six hours of travel on that train exhausted me.


g) The smile on my students rewards me.


h) Your lack of manners disgusted us all.


Terminan aquí los ejercicios con adjetivos terminados en ING y ED. Muchas gracias por su visita.


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